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Somewhere to store documentation, notes, and assorted flotsam.

Nuisances and idiosyncrasies

There are places, events and especially situations in which some detail, not immediately obvious (and often not obvious at all) interferes with the desired result of some course of action. In such cases a tiny voice murmuring the right thing - such as did you remember to turn the safety off? - would be enough to avoid repeated, frantic attempts to make something work which just doesn't for no apparent reason.

This section is actually a sacrifice to the pagan deity Murphy: after having gone through the hassle of jotting down something here, you can bet that I'll never ever need to recover that note again... but if I on the other hand decline to write it down, it's a certainty that I'll forget it, and need to walk the walk again, complete with final facepalm.

The official truth however is that I hope this section might be useful to somebody else.

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Wacky ideas

Most wacky projects I hatch are better hosted on suitable websites of the form with their own SVN or git or other. Sometimes, though, some wackiness might find a better place on a wiki such as this one.

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Recurring themes

I too often embark in discussions on certain topics and I find it increasingly boring the necessity of flogging that particular dead horse all over again. Some topics have not only been beaten to death - they have been well and truly drawn and quartered, then burned at the stake, and the ashes buried at a crossroad mixed with garlic and hawthorn.

By writing my argument here, I hope to have to write it only once, and then be able to just copy-paste the link. Yeah, fat chance.